Get Window Blinds Like The Ones in the Show Homes

Rahul Mehrotra - October 28, 2018

Silhouette Shades Great Room window shades - Maximize your views through the windows

7 window blinds and shades styles to make your home look elegant

Doing what you want to do is fun. How about decorating your home or shopping new finds for the room? When was the last time you got new window blinds and shades?

If you are moving to a new home or remodeling or redecorating your home, you take on the project with glee. The whole home is your canvas. You want to tie home together with your ideas, finishes, accents, window coverings and more—what a delight, endless possibilities.

Complete Home

Window blinds and shades offer gratifying completeness to your home decor. Ask anyone.

You visit show-homes or watch HGTV for inspiration. You feel good. All looks great under the professional lighting with sleek interiors and stylists in those show-homes. You feel the draw of modern-day decor, and window coverings in those home settings look fascinating.

The question is how to make all that flow in your home with your choice of kitchen cabinets and fireplace surrounds.

Where to Begin

How to turn those inspirations and ideas into a reality for your home? You don’t know where to begin…

Your urge for a certain setting or look in your home has drawn you to this point. The style of window blinds and shades listed below is a good starting point. I assure you that one glance at the list below will veer you in the right direction—elegant looks for your home.

But, there’s more.

Feel Connected

I want you to feel connected to a bigger picture for your home. You desire a calm, healthy and beautiful home. I am not willing to say yet “Well, my home is like my skin.”

Though, I will say ‘being comfortable in your own skin.’

It is at this moment we agree that your work to make the home beautiful will have a lasting effect and

  • You will not rush to a “finished” home – moderate the compulsion to try out something you saw or heard about.
  • From the window shade to lampshade or vase, you will tie your home together and not waste energy in cobbling—specifically, stay away from oh-so Grandma style looks.

Getting window coverings or window blinds and shades in your home to look like the ones in the show-home might feel like a project for an interior designer or decorator. Really?

A set of professional eyes and installation services will make sure that the project is done right, but that is not the starting point. It begins with you. You need to get ideas for window blinds and shades, see styles and mull over the samples in your home.

With that, let’s look at the 7 window shade styles?

7 window blinds and shades styles used in show homes

Sheer view-throughs

You want the most unobstructed views from your shades, this is the style. Lightweight fabric vanes float between two layers of sheer—a plush style with clear lines and sheer elegance (Silhouette Style of Shades).

Silhouette Shades Kitchen area window shades - Spread sunlight deep into the room.

Rich Fabric Folds

Bring soft folds of exquisite fabrics to your room (Roman Shades). You have two options:

  • Desire clean and chic—go with flat folds
  • Want graceful dimension—go with richly folded waterfalls.

Modern Roman Shades in the Living Room

A Nuanced Look

You strive for a delicate distinction in your decor, this style will do. The style combines sheer and solid fabric bands into a single shade—a contemporary design for view-through and flexibility in light control (Banded Shades).

Window Shade - Zebra Style Shade - Shade alternates between sheer and privacy bands - Designer Banded Shades

Energy Efficient

You want good relief from heat and sun for your south-facing windows, look no further. Cellular Shades are best to insulate windows from heat and cold and lower your energy bills year round. Get the top-down feature, you enjoy both—natural light and privacy (Cellular Shades or Honey Comb Shades).

Honey Comb Shade or Cellular Shade - Bring Fabric Warmth and Save Energy Bills - Energy Efficient Shades

Earth-Toned Styles

You want to bring the beauty of natural accents in your decor – woven wood shade is the choice for you. Shades are made from organic, renewable resources, including bamboo, jute, and grasses (Natural Shades or Woven Wood Shades). Kudos for doing your part!!

Window Shades made of Woven Wood - Bring Natural Beauty and warmth - Shades in Kitchen Area

Minimalist Designs

Beautiful roller shades offer a practical choice with sleek subtlety. Match the function with flair—designer-inspired fabrics in a variety of hues, patterns, and possibilities (Roller Shades).

Window Shade - Minimal Design Window Covering - Roller Shade in the Living Room and Sliding Panels on the Patio Door

Balance with basics

Yes, we are talking about blinds rather than shades. Blinds are the sturdy, strong, and cost-effective solution for windows. Whether you do real wood or synthetic wood blinds, the style is enduring—co-ordinates beautifully in matching color and wood grain tones (Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds).

Wood Blinds Kitchen Area - Bigger slats allow more light and open feel

Now, you know about the seven window covering styles that you will see in show homes or else. Which style will make your home look elegant? Any picks or you want to see them all.

Yes, you can see them all.

FREE In-Home Consulting

We offer FREE In-Home Consulting for that reason. You get to explore the styles and see it all in your home setting.

More important, remember our consensus above—no rushing and no wasting energy.
Our window blinds are made by the leading suppliers in the window coverings industry—Hunter Douglas, Shade-O-Matic, and more!!

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