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Concept Dual Roller

Concept Dual Roller

Concept Dual roller shades are relatively new. The appeal of these shades is more in line with the contemporary and streamlined décor. They are known by different names in the industry such as Mandalay shades, Alternative shades and High-Lite shades.

Concept Dual roller shades have one continuous fabric that alternates between a sheer view through and a privacy fabric. This fresh design allows for view outside and many options for light control, as you operate the shade. The simple feedback from homeowners is that they like the all-round use of these shades. They can maximize the outside view, control the light and enjoy the light filtering into the room.

The shade fabric is very sheer-like. At the same time, the fabric has privacy sections that come in a variety of colors, textures and opacities. The overall effect is a very modern style with clean lines and sheer elegance. When we roll the shade from sheer view to privacy mode, then it offers the maximum control from the Sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. At the same time, lots of light filter in and provide an open look and feel.

As the name Alternative shade suggests, this style is fresh. It transitions gracefully from the minimal décor style of roller shades to a new elegant style that inspires clean lines and soft gel. It is made possible by the innovative design that allows the fabric to slide through as you select the exact amount of light that comes in and sheer view through.

One of our suppliers, Maxxmar , has enhanced the all-round use of these shades even a step further. Maxxmar combined the alternative shade with the room darkening shade to offer a great solution for bedrooms and other areas. A light blocking roller shade rolls from behind the alternative shade to allow room darkening. The roller shade is independent of the front shade, and this allows for true dual purpose of light filtering with sheer view and light blocking. Dual shade design is unique and homeowners find it irresistible.

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