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Modern Roman Shades

Modern Roman Shades

Make new memories

Twist the norm into something fresh

Do roman shades offer healing, well-being or what? What you mean – Make new memories, Let Go of the past.

You know the grandeur of Roman Era. The words below grace the glory.

“Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Soon, eyes conjure up the image of Grand Colosseum with arched entrances and upscale spectacles. Awnings were rolled out from the top story to shield the audience from the hot Roman sun as they delighted in entertainment.

Roman Shades Roman Era Colosseum

Roman Shades Roman Era Colosseum

Yes, Roman Shades offered the healing, so much so we use the inspired design in our present modern day homes.

Hallmark of shades – Roman Shades

Roman shade is the hallmark of elegant window covering for home.

Here is how I relate to that.

My wife, true to her female DNA, loves buying clothes. The evidence is her cramped closet. She does not chase trend per se, but wearing the same thing twice in a week is a NO-NO.

Her favorite coat is a beautiful embroidered pink wool coat that makes every outfit look great. This work of embroidery and the overall appearance leads to nice compliments from her coworkers. I was reading somewhere about the benefits of not taking a compliment.

Ok, I ramble.

Embroidered pink wool coat

Embroidered pink wool coat

Do I like this coat? How can I say otherwise? The coat made to the fifth season. She can’t let it go.

If I could get her to spend money on fewer good quality and flattering items, I would love to win back some closet space. This may incur some savings too – a tongue-in-cheek wish.

Roman shade is one such category of window coverings – a hallmark of an elegant shade design for your home. You can’t let it go.

Make a pact with today

If you can’t let go, how you manage the vivacity and appeal of a roman era design in a modern day home.

The answer is you make a pact with today.

Beauty and design of a roman shade remain flawless with its cascade signature folds – fall of fabric in stages each of which triggers or starts the next.

How this design makes a pact with your present-day home decor needs – sleek finish and elegance?

Roman shades of today twisted the flawless cascade design into something new and fresh. Look for yourself.

Modern Roman Shades in the Living Room

Modern Roman Shades in the Living Room – Sleek and Elegant

Twist the norm into something fresh

Modern roman shades are now more fascinating than ever. They offer fresh fabrics, contemporary textures and poised colors.


Handpicked Fabrics

The emphasis on bringing fabric beauty to your space is a key element in choosing roman shades. If your mind evokes the image of Grandma style clutter and fabric fluff, then you got to Shake it Off – Shake It Off (Taylor Swift).

But I keep cruising
Can’t stop, won’t stop grooving
It’s like I got this music in my mind
Saying it’s gonna be alright
I shake it off, I shake it off (Taylor Swift)

Handpicked premium fabrics – cotton, silk and linen – in a variety of beautiful colors and distinct textures will complement your décor and create welcoming, comfortable spaces.

Soft contoured folds

Folds are precision engineered for a clean, uncluttered look from both inside and outside the home. A four-inch soft contoured fold inspires the signature cascade fabric design into a transitional, modern look at the window.

Roman Shades Soft Contoured Folds

Roman Shades Soft Contoured Folds

When raised, the shade rolls up and disappears into the fabric-covered headrail for an unobstructed view to the outside.

Flat folds

Flat folds are one of the fresh and sublime twists to the grandeur of the roman shades.

You know this well – It’s easy to wear the same things, to establish signature “looks”. It’s easy to stick to what you know and what you like, but your home decor isn’t absolute. It is constantly evolving, changing, and challenging.

The six-inch flat fold style in roman shades infuses contemporary uplift and sophisticated looks to your decor. The flat fold roman shade design offers crisp and defined finish to your windows.

Roman Shades Flat Fold Modern Shade

Roman Shades Flat Fold Modern Shade

Stacked Design

Here is the another twist I like – a restyled stacked design for roman shades – great for shallow windows, sidelights and French doors.

Shade layers in the tiered style to stack up, down or anywhere in the middle. When raised, the shade stacks neatly at the top of the window. Shade layers in the tiered style to stack up, down or anywhere in the middle.

Roman Shades Dining Room Area

Roman Shades Dining Room Area

This design allows the shade to fit tighter inside the window casing and reduces edge gaps.

You get to call the shots on what design – contoured, flat or stacked – will pull the decor together for your home.

Top-down and Bottom-up design option

You get privacy with a view. You lower the shade from the top, so you can enjoy natural light and privacy at the same time.

When raised bottom-up, Shades move up like standard shades. When lowered top- down, shades stack neatly at the bottom of the window. This popular design option provides flexibility in light control and privacy.

With such versatility of control, you block the direct sunlight and still allow daylight and privacy.

Light Filtering, Light Blocking

You control the light as much as you want.

Sheer fabrics will allow lots of light in with moderate privacy. Semi-Opaque and translucent fabrics will allow light to filter in with absolute privacy.

Opaque or light blocking fabrics allow room darkening for bedrooms or media rooms with glare issues.

Roman Shades Master Bed Room

Roman Shades Master Bed Room

All the fabrics protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading with at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays.

You also reduce the intensity of outside noise. Control depends on fabric choice.

Cool in the summer, Warm in the winter

Honey Comb Shade design allows you to keep your areas cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

The same design inspires roman shades to do the same – Twist the norm into something fresh. Modern roman shades are energy efficient shades.

An extra layer of fabric at the back allows roman shades to trap air which then becomes a natural insulator. An extra layer of insulation keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Roman Shades Energy Efficient Shades

Roman Shades Energy Efficient Shades

Price: tête-à-tête

We need to meet and do our price tête-à-tête.

I don’t know your window sizes, fabric selections, mounting details, your aspirations, your home setting and yada yada yada….…

Pricing of Roman shades ranges from premium to fair.

What is premium?

  • Exclusive fabrics, fresh textures, vivid and wide-ranging colors.
  • No exposed cords – enhanced child safety. No rings, grommets, tapes or cords detract from the exterior view. Shades have smooth, uniform appearance from both inside and outside of the home.
  • Sleek design at the top – Shades use either fabric-wrapped cassette design at the top or sleep low-profile headrail. The benefit is a tighter fit in the window opening for reduced edge gaps.
  • Advanced control systems from cordless to motorized systems. Both cordless and motorized systems get rid of any strings dangling or pooling on the floor – Excellent Child Safety.

Your home is your castle. I assume you will live in this home for a good number of years. The window coverings decision you make today will stay with you for next ten years or more. Your pricing decision today will have lasting impressions.

Shop at home convenience

You need to see these shades in your home. Then, you can coordinate with your wall colors, flooring, and other furnishings.

Schedule our FREE In-Home consultation.

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FREE In-Home Consultation

Learn about your choices. Make smart decisions.


When you do that, we value your time and efforts by

  • showing all that you need to see — working hand samples, fabrics, style books and more
  • sharing expert advice — little details are vital
  • measuring your windows for a perfect fit
  • providing an estimate

Professional Installation

Our team of professional installers will take care of your new window shades. Modern day shades have nuances that need a professional set of eyes.

One such nuance is Fabric Leveling. If the shade skews or gathers to one side, our installers will adjust the bottom rail weight. Before any adjustment, they will ensure that headrail is level.

In case the mid-rail or bottom rail for Top-Down and Bottom-Up shade is not even, installers can adjust the rails using cam lock button.

Challenges happen, but what matters is how they get resolved.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

These shades come with Limited Lifetime Warranty. Your satisfaction with window coverings is important in this process.

Shades need to work to your satisfaction. All of our supplier offer Limited Lifetime Warranty on shades.

I align with quality suppliers to bring the best shades to your home.

Care and Cleaning

Shades need care and cleaning with time. Handle with care as you would any fine fabric. The common cleaning methods are:

  • Dust with a feather duster or low suction vacuum.
  • Blow dirt and debris from within the fabric folds using clean, compressed air or a hair dryer set on the COOL setting (not WARM or HOT).
  • Spot-clean using a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Dampen a clean cloth in the solution. Lightly dab the area to be cleaned, using a second white cloth supporting the fabric from behind. Do not rub the fabric. Rubbing alcohol or non-oil-based baby wipes may be used on more stubborn stains.
  • Steam the face fabric from the bottom to the top, making sure to get steam under each fabric fold. Be careful not to saturate the fabric with steam.
  • Professional cleaning: For more thorough cleaning, I suggest using professional window covering cleaners. They use injection/extraction (dry method only) or ultrasonic cleaning.

Do not clean any fabric using electrostatic wipes such as Swiffer® or Pledge®.

When we meet, I discuss these methods and more with you. What are you waiting for – Schedule Our Free In-Home Consultation


By Rahul Mehrotra
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