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Silhouette Shades

Silhouette Shades

It Feels So Right

Wrap your home in Sheer – How can it be wrong?

What a great timing. I hear the heart-throbbing voice of Great Elvis Presley on my car audio

Step in these arms, where you belong
It feels so right, so right
How can it be wrong? (Elvis Presley)

I step into the snow surrounding me, and it still feels so right.

The sense of magic around me elated my face.

The home I came out from is looking spectacular. She hugged me and thanked for making her home look beautiful with Silhouette shades on her windows. Such is the joy of attainment.

How can it be wrong?

Do you want more light to filter in?

The beauty of Silhouette shades is how it fills your room with natural light. You have the soft fabric vanes that float between two layers of sheer.

Ambient light filters into your room through sheer. Let me show you.

Silhouette Shades Living Room window shades - Fill your room with natural light

Silhouette Shades Living Room window shades – Fill your room with natural light

Silhouette shades are all about sheer beauty. You let outside natural light come into your room through sheer. Guess what is managing your outside view, it is sheer. Silhouette has become synonymous with sheer just like peace with meditation. You filter out the glare and UV rays through sheer.

The delight of making your home look beautiful is no coincidence, it is your sheer determination.

Do you want stylish elegance in your home?

Over the weekend, I agreed to go shopping with my daughter. My wife wasted no time in joining us. In a flash, I am cajoled into spending quality family time.

I had set up myself for a daunting task. I see the radiant smile on faces. No backtracking!

Soon, I am in the midst of the buzz, lights and background music of the mall. Feeling the draw of energy rings around me, I chimed in with a couple of hazy ideas. A quick-witted utterance from my daughter stoked me.

Dad, girls are picky and I like what I like. Ooh, What an insight?

I submit to you. Your home is a castle. You know what is style and elegance. You walk the talk every day – creating a perfect balance between many things to upkeep yourself and home.

Still, you will reckon with the plush feel that S-shaped fabric vanes of Silhouette Shades bring to your home decor.

Silhouette Shades sheer shades - S-Shape fabric vanes streamline the looks of translucent layers of fabric.

Silhouette Shades sheer shades – S-Shape fabric vanes float between two layers of sheer

In the meantime, my wife found her way to the mascara application for eyelashes. I couldn’t help overhearing her conversation about natural curls, wing effect and giving shaping memory to the eyelashes.

Little did I know, that shaping is not just limited to looks, it gives volume to the eyelashes before mascara.

Boy oh Boy! this family time together is full of oozing insights. My world of Silhouette shades is not much different. The S-Shape fabric vanes – curls, offer wing effect, sheer charm, and elegance to your home decor.

Silhouette Shades reveal elegance when perfect S-Shape fabric vanes streamline the looks of translucent layers of fabric. You tilt open the S-shaped curls and woven sheer fabric laces the window with wide open view-through and opulent style. The design is ingenious.

More than the first impression – Silhouette Shades

The wow-feel impression of Silhouette shades results from two style elements working in unison.

The first element is the precise simplicity. By precise, I also mean neat. Everything from the shade’s clean looks, distinct lines, soft fabric appeal to creative design draw you in.

You know what I mean. Get the little stuff right, and the big stuff will take care of itself. That is the feel I am talking about.

The other element is a beautiful combination of form and function. Let me explain

Form and Function

Silhouette shades are beautiful because of its purpose and use. They transform the space.

Silhouette Shades Great Room window shades - Maximize your views through the windows

Silhouette Shades Great Room window shades – Opulent style that offers best view-throughs

Control Natural Light: You know how they do that. You tilt open and tilt close the S-shaped fabric vanes. Vanes and sheers combine to filter harsh sunlight.

Control Glare and UV Rays: Shades provide excellent protection from UV rays. Sheer fabric and vanes combine to provide up to 88% ultraviolet protection with vanes open, 99% when closed. Shades protect your furniture and flooring from fading.

Increase daylighting: Shades diffuse the exterior light and disperse sunlight deep into the room. You get the enhanced natural daylight and light spreads evenly throughout your room. You don’t need as much artificial electric light.

Silhouette Shades Kitchen area window shades - Spread sunlight deep into the room.

Silhouette Shades Kitchen area window shades – Spread natural daylight deep into the room.

Enhance View through: Shades offer the most unobstructed outside view. No cords or tapes run through the product to hinder outside views.

Safeguard Privacy: When you open the vanes, view to the outside is clear. Enjoy the discreet privacy during the day as shades obscure the view. You need more privacy – tilt-close the vanes.

But, there’s more.

What about my sleep?

OK, right, you nod in approval. Silhouette shades spread light around my room and shield from harsh sunshine.

You say, What about my bedroom or kid’s bedroom?

My bedroom is my oasis. It is my haven for sleep and relaxation. Light is all good, but my brain’s biological timekeeper goes wonky with light at the wrong time.

You need darkness as a cue for your body to rest and sleep. It affects your quality of sleep. Please send no untimely wake-up messages to my brain. You ain’t no ready.

Ooh! let me grip these lyrics in my brain

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home
Anytime she goes away (Bill Withers)

Will these shades do an effective job of light blocking when I need it?

The answer is yes.

Silhouette Shades Bed Room window shades - An independent roller shade behind Silhouette for room darkening.

Silhouette Shades Bed Room window shades – Enjoy light blocking for sleep and greater light control

A shade is beautiful when it makes the life more pleasurable and comfortable. Let’s go into Duolite mode.

Duality – Light filtering and blocking

An independent roller shade is nestled behind Silhouette shade for greater control over incoming light.

Now, you can have best of both worlds. The Silhouette shade sits in the front and diffuses harsh sunlight. The back roller shade provides light blocking for better sleep or more.

Let me show you.

The beauty of this design is all encompassing. One compact cassette valance at the top holds both shades. Both shades have the independent operation. The front Silhouette shade fabric vanes can remain open as the back shade comes down. I can mount this design inside into narrow window depths.

Most of all, a good sleep rests your body and puts you in a good vibe. You are ready to raise the back roller shade and welcome the sunshine.

You can watch TV with no glare on screen and better room darkening effect.

Silhouette Shades Light Blocking window shades - Silhouette shade in the front & light blocking roller in the back

Silhouette Shades Light Blocking window shades – Sleep or watch TV with greater light control

Price: tête-à-tête

We need to meet and do our price tête-à-tête.

I don’t know your window sizes, fabric selections, mounting details, your aspirations, your home setting and yada yada yada….…

Pricing of Silhouette shade ranges from premium to fair. Why do I say that?

If your desire is an exclusive selection of fabrics and accented fabric vanes, then prices will be premium. The finesse of the sheer fabric is vital too. The quality of the sheer fabric enables great view-through.

Are all sheer fabric made the same? Absolutely not!

You may have seen sheer fabrics with wavy appearance. We call this wavelike appearance as Moire effect or watered effect. Patented anti-moiré fabric technology ensures outside views without distracting and dizzying moire. Will this affect the price of the shade? You bet.

See, that is why we need to meet and do our price tête-à-tête.

Your home is your castle. I assume you will live in this home for a good number of years. The window coverings decision you make today will stay with you for next ten years or more. Your pricing decision today will have lasting impressions.

Shop at home convenience

You need to see these shades in your home. Then, you can coordinate with your wall colors, flooring, and other furnishings.

Schedule our FREE In-Home consultation.

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FREE In-Home Consultation

Learn about your choices. Make smart decisions.


When you do that, we value your time and efforts by

  • showing all that you need to see — working hand samples, fabrics, style books and more
  • sharing expert advice — little details are vital
  • measuring your windows for perfect fit
  • providing an estimate

Professional Installation

When you assign us to dress your windows, we take the full responsibility. From precise fit measurement to professional installation, I ensure that experienced set of eyes realize what you and I discussed.

Our team of professional installers takes ownership. Thier eyes have seen all sort of difficult and awkward situations. It is not just drilling holes and putting screws through.

Modern day shades come with advanced control systems.

Experts from the industry trained our installers. Our installers know how to how to handle the inner workings of these control system. That is how they earn the status of Certified Installers. If the shade has a faulty control system, installers will fix that system om site for you.

One of the detail with these shades is fabric leveling. As per the need, our installer checks for skew in the fabric, levels headrail mounting surface and shims the mounting brackets. If needed, he or she adjusts the bottom rail weight to get rid of fabric gathering on one end. A diligent set of eyes checks for those adjustments and re-adjustments as necessary.

Challenges happen, but what matters is how they get resolved.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

These shades come with Limited Lifetime Warranty. I want you to be thoroughly satisfied living with your window coverings choice.

If you are not satisfied, I will make sure shades work to your satisfaction. I align with quality suppliers to bring the best shades to your home.

Let me share this experience with you. Our client, Marilyn, trusted me with window coverings for her new home. She got my name from her colleague at work. The new shades in the master bedroom were not working all that great. Marilyn opted for the cordless system to get rid of any dangling strings for her shades, and the cordless system was faulty.

Marilyn was busy moving to a new home. She got anxious about this situation, and rightfully so. I knew she will get shades remade under the warranty, but I also relate to her worry. My job is to get this all fixed, but I had a hunch that there is another high spot – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong (Murphy’s law).

Yes, Indeed! Remade shades were made faulty again. Ummm, What should I say to Marilyn? A quality brand supplier is causing this disappointment – two times in a row.

I met with the supplier and conveyed the frustration in a rather nice manner. Supplier got the message. Marilyn’s bedroom shades got the upgrade to a better control system at no extra cost and final round of remake worked nicely.

Later, Marilyn thanked me for standing steadfast and endorsed my name to another colleague at her work. How do I feel about this endorsement?

It feels so right, so right. How can it be wrong?

Commitment to getting it right is the one big reason I align with quality suppliers.

Care and Cleaning

Shades need care and cleaning with time. Handle with care as you would any fine fabric. The common cleaning methods are

  • Dusting: You do the regular feather dusting. This maintains a like-new appearance of Silhouette Shades
  • Vacuuming: A gentle vacuuming once a month is all that you may need. Take your portable kitchen vacuum and put it on a low suction non-heat setting. Vacuum gently.
  • Compressed air: Use a can of compressed air to dust off the shades once a year. You can blow out dirt and debris from between the vanes using compressed air or a hand-held hair dryer on the COOL setting (never WARM or HOT).
  • Professional cleaning: Shades can be professionally cleaned using using either the ultrasonic, or injection/extraction method (dry method only).
  • Do not clean any fabric using electrostatic wipes such as Swiffer® or Pledge®.

When we meet, I discuss these methods and more with you. What are you waiting for – Schedule our Free In-Home Consultation.

By Rahul Mehrotra
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