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Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades

The earth’s natural elements and renewable resources inspire woven wood shades.

Woven Wood Shades – Filter lots of light and prevent harsh sun rays

The exotic charm of these shades is unmatchable, as natural tone colors, weaves, textures and styles unify to transform the sun’s harsh rays into intriguing design destinations.

The shades hang flat in the fully lowered position and create overlapping folds when raised. These folds are evenly spaced to work in any ambiance from informal and relaxed setting to precise and established setting, capturing the essence and charm of natural fabric.

We also have the option of hobbled style that allows for the fabric folds to remain in shape even when the shade is fully lowered.

The shade can be operated from both top and bottom to let the natural light from the top of the shade while we maintain our privacy. Or, completely lift the shade for a full view to the outside.

By Rahul Mehrotra
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