Shutter style of window treatment offers a very unique looks to your room and décor.

Shutters – Interior window shutters – Shutters on patio door with handle cut out

You have the panels that hinge to the window casing and panels open completely to offer most unobstructed view and clear access to your windows. Panels have louvers that tilt open and tilt close to let you control view-through, light and privacy.

Shutters – Interior window shutters – Wood Shutters Decor for living room

Louvers can be split such that top half opens while the bottom half closes. So, you have natural light and privacy at the same time.

Shutter is the one option that adds more to the overall real estate value of your home. They offer all in terms or overall beauty, durable material, functionality, detail finishes and life time performance.

Shutters are commonly referred as plantation shutters or California shutters. Mansions in the South used shutters and in fact the term “plantation shutters” was derived from this area. Shutters on these mansions usually had wider louvers and were almost always painted white.

Shutters Plantation Interior – Interior window shutters – Shutters done on patio doors

We have the choice of going with Polysatin shutter, Hardwood shutter or Composite or synthetic wood shutter. This window covering choice has beautiful details and the professional hands can make a real difference in overall looks. It can look either picture perfect or depleted.

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