Screen Solar Shades

Screen solar shades are well suited for contemporary décor, streamlined looks and seamless design.

Screen Shades for windows – Very easy to care and clean - Ideal for sink windows

Whether we desire solid color industrial looks or we aspire for patterns or weaves, these shades can look rustic, subtle, urbane or anywhere in the between.

Shades are characterized by varying openness factor that allows us to manage outward view, visibility, natural light, UV protection and privacy. Color variances and contrasts of these shades offer either natural light reflection back to the room or light or heat absorption for energy efficiency.

These shades are also called solar shades and they are ideally suited for outdoor spaces including patios, porches and sunrooms. Dual shades allow for ultimate in control of privacy and view through, as we can combine a screen fabric with room darkening fabric using one sleek operating system.

Screen Shades for windows – Dual Screen Shades offer both view through and privacy

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