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Pirouette Shades

Pirouette Shades

Invisible string shades

An inspiring design for a shade — an exquisite uplift to your décor

Hard to believe, the 7 words below uplifted my whole day.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done,” (Nelson Mandela)

I was beaming with exuberance. The outside view through the sheer face of Pirouette Shades on my windows was ever so clear. The natural light and sunshine spread evenly throughout my room. I felt the spell on me — possibilities are endless.

Possibility of Invisible String Shades

Pirouette shade elegance is one such possibility made real. Invisible strings hold the shade and uplift your décor. You put the shade in any décor and shade will transform the space. Make a statement of class and refinement. Let me show you.

Pirouette shades for living room windows

Pirouette shade in a living room – A beautiful window covering choice for you

Do you agree that a shade — in its simplest form — is a roll of fabric? You move the shade fabric up or down?

Yes, you add a personal touch by choosing fabric color, texture or pattern. What else?

Uplift the decor

Can you get a shade so exquisite it uplifts the home decor? If you murmur that home décor is made of all the elements at play — wall colors, flooring, furnishings, yada yada yada….…, I agree.

Invisible strings uplifting the decor is a stretch of the imagination. How can you do that?

“It always seems impossible until it’s done,”.

Pirouette shades shaped this idea into a beautiful window covering choice for you. Soft fabric vanes float in your windows as you open the shade. The sheer attached to the fabric grips your imagination. The view through from sheer and the draw of natural light into your room leave you spellbound.

Pirouette shades in a family room setting

Pirouette shade family room blind – Shades diffuse the harsh outside light and UV rays

Compelling notion

Pirouette shade design is innovative. A compelling notion uplifts your home décor — invisible strings. Your alter ego may say how can strings be not seen and still uplift. Is he talking spellcraft?

The beauty of innovation – Invis-Lift strings — is woven into the fabrics such that they disappear into the sheer fabric backing. As you open the shade, shade fabric folds out and the beauty of the fabric emerges on the inside.

Pirouette shades have strings that disappear into the sheer fabric. Shade fabric folds out.

Pirouette shades – Invisible strings disappear into the sheer fabric backing and shade fabric folds out.

What makes the fabric to fold out?

The answer is invisible strings. Those invisible strings are uplifting the décor as you see through the sheer fabric. The vanes float. No obstructing cords or tapes block your view-through. Beautiful fabrics curate your privacy and offer dramatic softness.

Endless Options with Pirouette Shades

You have an elegant design. The options around that are endless.

You want to bring the organic beauty of raw silk and linen fabrics to your décor, you can.

The need is to relax the look and feel of your decor with neutrals, and a good selection of fabric choices are available for that. You desire the décor with mid-tones and refreshed color palette, and we can realize that.

If breathtaking pops of bold color are your expressions of warmth, who am I to suggest otherwise. You take the hues, tinges and tones from an inspired and imagined collection of fabrics and make it all yours.

Pirouette Shades Office Area Window Shade - Shade controls the glare

Pirouette Shades Office Area Window Shade – Control the glare and still enjoy natural light


The versatility of these shades is superb.

Can the fabric and sheer of Pirouette Shades filter out brightness, glare, and UV rays? Yes, it can.

Shades diffuse the harsh outside light. They spread the light evenly throughout the room.

Here in Calgary, daylight hours change during a season. Shades allow you to control the amount of natural daylight that comes inside your home. You protect your furniture and flooring from fading — with at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays.

If kids are having trouble sleeping on time, then we can get these shades in room darkening material. Shades will block the light when closed.

Price: tête-à-tête

We need to meet and do our price tête-à-tête.

I don’t know your window sizes, fabric selections, mounting details, your aspirations, your home setting and yada yada yada….…

Pirouette shade design is unique. The pricing is premium.

Your home — your castle — is unique too. Every selection you made for this home has an affinity with your style. Why your decision of window covering will be any different?

I assume you will live in this home for a good number of years. The window coverings decision you make today will stay with you for next ten years or more. Your pricing decision today will have lasting impressions.

We dress many windows. I know Pirouette Shades look amazing. Bring the elegance of Pirouette Shades to your home. Don’t play second fiddle to an undesired choice!

When friends and family gather, all the elements pull together to reflect your sense of decor. Aside from oohs and aahs you get, your joy of creating this space, without getting divorced, needs no words. By divorce, I simply meant action should never be divorced from consequence.

How does a ballet dancer pirouettes and not get dizzy? Is there an action and no consequence? Oh, I should just cherish the beauty and elegance of the performance.

Shop at home convenience

You need to see these shades in your home. Then, you can coordinate with your wall colors, flooring, and other furnishings.

Schedule our FREE In-Home consultation.

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FREE In-Home Consultation

Learn about your choices. Make smart decisions.


When you do that, we value your time and efforts by

  • showing all that you need to see — working hand samples, fabrics, style books and more
  • sharing expert advice — little details are vital
  • measuring your windows for perfect fit
  • providing an estimate

Professional Installation

When you accept us to cover your windows, our team of professional installers take the full ownership. They chisel day in and day out, and their set of experienced eyes had seen all sort of challenges.

It is not just drilling holes and putting screws. Quality suppliers such as Hunter Douglas trained our installers. They know how to handle the details and fix issues on site for you.

Challenges happen, but what matters is how they get resolved.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

These shades come with Limited Lifetime Warranty. I want you to be thoroughly satisfied living with your window coverings choice.

If you are not satisfied, I will make sure shades work to your satisfaction. I align with quality suppliers to bring the best shades to your home.

Our client, Rihanna, noticed an issue with one of the Pirouette Shades in her living room. The valance fabric at the top of the shade showed ripples. The fabric showed loose impressions and not finished. I will not accept that quality in my home.

I took the full ownership of the issue. Supplier needed the proof of the flaw and a simple picture on site did that. Supplier accepted the flaw in fabrication and made three new shades for Rihanna’s home. The flawed shade was part of three side by side shades in the living room. So, supplier made three new shades.

Commitment to getting it right is the one big reason I align with quality suppliers.

Care and Cleaning

Shades will need care and cleaning with time. The common cleaning methods are

  • Dusting: You do the regular dusting. This maintains a like-new appearance of Pirouette Shades
  • Vacuuming: A gentle vacuuming once a month is all that you may need. Take your portable kitchen vacuum and put it on a low non-heat setting. Vacuum gently.
  • Compressed air: Use a can of compressed air to dust off the shades once a year.

When we meet, I discuss these methods and more with you.

What are you waiting for – Go ahead and Schedule our Free In Home Consultation .

By Rahul Mehrotra
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