Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are commonly called as venetian blinds. Originally, they were available in One inch slat and slats were made of spring tempered aluminum alloy.

Aluminum venetian blinds - Enhances modern decor - Contemporary Looks

Over the years, aluminum blinds evolved with two inch slat size for enhanced view-through and higher gauge aluminum alloy material to offer better durability and handle rough treatment from pets and kids. Slats are applied with modern technology paint finishes that repels dust and prevents from scratching.

Options for colors, finishes, co-ordinating elements and valances allow you to achieve sleek and consistent looks that will gel with any decorating scheme.

Our innovative supplier Hunter Douglas take these blinds to a new level by offering the Magnaview design that reveals twice the view-through of ordinary blinds. This patented design allows the slats to nest together to offer maximum outside view and natural lighting. Choice of real wood accent colors just makes these blinds striking rich and unique.

Aluminum venetian blinds - Enhances modern decor - Contemporary Looks

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