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WinDecor  is a company based in Calgary, Alberta. The company is the provider of window coverings that match the individual life style and décor aspirations for in-home purchasers across the Calgary area. We represent leading suppliers of window coverings and offer our clients amazing product selections, personalized service, peace of mind and great prices.

Sales Associate

Position Overview

WinDecor Made In The Shade has an immediate opportunity for an energetic and talented Sales Associate. The associate will receive prequalified leads, training to our product lines and an established system to attain desired sales results. One of the great flexibility of this position is that associate will work from home and set up his/her own schedule based on the sales appointments.

The candidate would possess

  • A strong motivation to succeed in sales career with a sense of style, home décor and a passion for design. Experience in the retail or home furnishings industry will be beneficial.
  • An attitude to understand client’s concern and craft creative solutions to address client’s concern.
  • An entrepreneurial attitude and approach to selling.
  • Must possess basic computing skills including Word, Excel, Email usage and Internet.
  • Strong communication, organizational and influence skills.
  • A personal car to travel between client homes and home office.

Essential Functions

In Home Consultation

  • The candidate will receive numerous leads resulting from our active advertising. The candidate will engage, pre-qualify and set up an appointment with the prospective client for In-Home Consultation.
  • Our training will enable the candidate to understand client’s concern and position different options for window coverings such as Blinds, Shades, Shutters and Draperies to the client.
  • Our training will enable the candidate to discuss details pertaining to a specific window covering application. The candidate will combine creative solutions with sales talent to provide decorating solutions to clients.
  • The candidate will do measurement of the window openings using our state of the art laser meters.
  • The candidate will prepare the proposal for the client based on our established system for pricing, quoting, order management and installation scheduling.


  • The candidate will engage the client to understand objections or concerns to the proposal and find decisive solutions to achieve client’s satisfaction and business.
  • The candidate must be self motivated with a drive for sales success. We value sales success based on the client’s satisfaction and enthusiasm to win the client’s confidence.
  • The candidate must enjoy sales including the understanding and management of the sales process, from prospecting to closing and after-sale follow-up.
  • The candidate must show case the ability to build a strong client base to generate additional leads resulting in an increase of company’s performance.


Candidate will receive extensive training along with in-person sales “ride along” for the first few jobs at our home office location. Candidate is not expected to install the window coverings, as we will use our in-house certified installers to complete the jobs. If the candidate is interested in installation, then we are open for discussion and adequate training.


The compensation package includes competitive salary, commission or the combination of both, and it is an incentive/productivity based earnings. The mileage reimbursement for personal car travel will be offered. We will go further into details during our interview process.


If you enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule, working from home, crafting creative décor solutions and winning the customer confidence, then please email your resume in confidence to Rahul Mehrotra. Send email through Contact Us page. We will contact you and you can provide your resume. 

Rahul Mehrotra
(403) 451-1590 (Fax)

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