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Are Zebra Blinds good for Calgary homes?

Should I get this style for my home windows? A quick refresher — What is a Zebra Shade? What are Zebra Blinds good for? A modern style of shade made of beautiful fabrics. Shade fabric transitions from view-through sheer to more privacy, as you move the shade up or down. Two for the price of one, you get both sheer elegance and soft fabric textures in one shade. Do you …Read More

Banded Sheer Roller Shades – Check these 3 Facts Before You Buy

Are Banded Sheer Roller Shades popular in Calgary? You bet. Banded Sheer Roller Shades offer what you desire. You desire a shading that is elegant and sleek with no clutter – No Venetian Blinds offers fabric softness, yet better in style than regular roller shades is affordable and easy to clean This style, also called Zebra blinds, score high on all three points. You blend comfort with functionality. What is …Read More

3 Bedroom Blinds Ideas That Are Big in Style

Get Ready To Nest In Bed Longer – The Bedroom is where you unwind. I want to give you the gift of better sleep and comfortable living by sharing bedroom blinds ideas. Imagine staying at a luxe hotel. Bed sheets feel as soft as spun silk, beds feel like a fluffy cloud, and decor is free from clutter. Don’t you love the indulgence? Is it possible to create the same …Read More

Get Window Blinds Like The Ones in the Show Homes

7 window blinds and shades styles to make your home look elegant – Doing what you want to do is fun. How about decorating your home or shopping new finds for the room? When was the last time you got new window blinds and shades? If you are moving to a new home or remodeling or redecorating your home, you take on the project with glee. The whole home is …Read More

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