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3 new styles of shade that are both elegant and easy on the pocketbook – PART 1

I really want to believe that we are in the middle of the Spring season in Calgary. It is mid April, and we got some flurries yesterday. Yes, I mean snow flurries. Having said that, I feel we all got into that aspiring mood. I go to many homes for blinds, shades and drapes, and it is a simple joy to see trays of seedlings and saplings by the side …Read More

What makes blinds and shades an element of décor?

Let me begin by stating the big difference between blinds and shades. Blinds – The big thing with blinds (or Venetian blinds) is that you have slats that Tilt-Open and Tilt Close. You can also move the whole thing up or lower it. Shades – Shades are either up or down. There is no Tilt Open or Tilt Close with shades. Is there more to blinds and shades than just basic functions? …Read More

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